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Data Cleansing Services

We offer capable data scrubbing services to make sure that your databases are foolproof by maintaining and updating records of your clients, partners, opposition or any other information that your business has stored in the database.

Data cleaning services include the procedure of detecting and correcting errors and inconsistencies from a data set in order to progress its excellence.

Data Cleansing Services

  • Correction of addresses
    Addresses and other contact information in a database make sure that your communication with your company's clients and other contacts reaches them suitably each time. We undertake correction of contact information of people that may have moved to a different address or have changed their phone numbers or personal information.
  • Remove data duplicates
    Often while compiling vast databases of your clients or other contacts, there would be more than a single instance where information is repetitive. This not only bloats the size of the data but also can lead to bombarding an exacting contact with your communication more than once, which mainly people may not support of. Through data confirmation and cleansing, duplicate entries can be removed.
  • Conversion of upper / lower case names
    A person's name is significant in communicating with him. Clients have known to show cognizance to companies remembering their names and in the right order. Our data cleansing service includes change cases where necessary. We also take into account language accents in names.
  • Gender addition / correction
    Our data confirmation service takes care of adding the right gender prefixes to names. This is essential when you're communicating with clients or analyzing sexual category based reports.
  • Data integrity audits
    Data integrity audits make sure that in a database, textual information is located in the field for text and not in the one for numbers or somewhere else. This applies to other details in the database.

Benefits of Data Cleansing

  • Exact contact details progress response rates.
  • Make sure the right contact obtains the right information.
  • Appending value-adding data facilitates richer analytics, enhanced market segmentation, higher response rates and reduced risk.
  • Remove wasted effort and costs of marketing to contacts with wrong details.
  • Delivery Point Identifiers (DPIDs) to addressed mail provides access to bulk-postage discounts of up to 20%.
  • Reduplication reduces costs associated with multiple mailings to the same contact.
  • Brand image is preserved and customer suffering reduced from sending properly detailed solicitations.
  • Valid emails are a cost effective method of reaching your intended viewers swiftly and efficiently. This also reduces the possibility of your company being black-listed on spam registers.