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Data Mining Services

Data mining tools are being widely used crossways diverse sectors and industries such as Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. to identify significant patterns, trends, relationships, and exceptions, and make superior business decisions.

Our Data Mining Services

  • Web Data Mining - We take data from around the internet based on your precise requirements for both public and private businesses, of all shapes and sizes. We have advanced data gathering tools that are proven efficient at delivering comprehensive web data collection for analysis
  • Social Media Data Mining - Through data collected from social media, we can support you uncover details that is important to your business, including the encouragement of new products and services, evaluating your challenger, spotting trends, and much more
  • SQL Data Mining - With SQL data mining, we can use our higher tools to comb the web for the virtually limitless amount of information at present available on the internet. Our SQL data mining services are able of creating massive databases of information for modeling. Ideal for large scale, multinational clients, we are the great choice to outsource business critical information. We make use of a host of automated and manual SQL data mining techniques to match the requirements of the customers
  • Image Data Mining - Data mining is not limited to numbers and words. It is now possible to perform large and small scale image retrieval services from great datasets viewed over the internet, and prepare them for analysis and study
  • Excel Data Mining - We can generate or take any existing Excel database, prepare it, and apply a variety of models and formulas. This data is a brilliant option for financial and business planning, or any type of data mining require
  • Word Data Mining - We have the capabilities to remove and analyze data from great volumes of text contained in databases, or in Microsoft Word, or printed material. Our Word data mining services are often used for medical and scientific research, legal issues, financial transaction data, and more
  • PDF Data Mining - Using in-house technology, we'll use a host of macros and algorithms to extract information that will support you meet the client's objectives and those of the business, and make sure that you are finding the information you require
  • Open Source Data Mining - For customers that favor data mining using open source software, we can make use of any Open Source software that you choose, and adapt it to your exact necessities
  • Image Data Mining - Our offline image data mining services are great for examining large image databases. They are often used to maintain medical applications and illegal investigation, as well as in weather forecasting and geosciences