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Transportation Industry Business Process Outsourcing

As expectations are increasing day-by-day from transportation sector, there is a soaring require for enhanced functioning of transport industry. By using digitization procedures, transportation agencies can increase operations and make their customers more satisfied.

Nowadays, a large amount of the private and government transport agencies are moving to automation because of client demands and market competition. But it enlarges operational costs therefore they outsource data entry, document management and other back office support tasks to specialists like us. We have highly skilled and brilliant teams to manage your documents, databases and online portals. Our experts are adept at handling data from a number of websites, printed brochures, booking forms, feedback cards, etc.

Data Capture Services

Our verified technology allows us to capture data from scanned images, forms, applications, digital files, etc. and deliver it in a number of easy to access electronic file formats including MS Word, MS Excel, TXT, PDF, RTF, HTML, SGML, XML, etc. We utilize OCR technique to improve accurateness and productivity both.

Data Cleansing Services

To build your databases clean, consistent and complete, we thoroughly recognize irrelevant, wrong, duplicate and misplaced records and rectify them. You can stay updated with our data sanitization service and take crucial decisions more confidently based on exact information.

Data Entry Services

We can enter invoices, bills, receipts, tickets, survey forms, ticket cancellation application, customers’ details and drivers’ information swiftly and exactly. Our highly trained and seasoned data entry experts employ Double Entry System (DES) to ensure 99.995% exactness in all our projects.

Data Processing Services

With the support of our specialists, you can manage your huge volume of documents proficiently. We offer a complete set of data processing services to digitize an assortment of applications, forms, orders and bills. Our quality assurance (QA) team checks frequently to make sure zero errors in the final outcome.